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Tuition Fee and Living Expenses

Tuition Fee: for one semester RMB11.500  /  for one year RMB23.000 
Students can eat at the many canteens around campus which offer different meals during the day:
• Breakfast - around RMB 5
• Lunch - around RMB 10
• Dinner - around RMB 10
• Snacks - around RMB 8 
Many restaurants are also available next to the North Gate. They offer different Chinese and foreign cuisines. You can get a good meal for about RMB35 per person. You can also get some affordable snacks for 3 to 5 RMB.
See the section about Life on Campus for more information

Exchange students can choose between the International Students’ Dormitory in the campus or to find off-campus housing.

On-campus housing

There is an International Student Dormitory building (L18) on the Zhuhai Campus. Each room has its own bathroom with a hot-water shower, and is well-furnished with internet socket, telephone and air-conditioner. At the dormitory, other facilities are also provided for the students, such as public washing machines, TV room, reading-room, and table tennis room.
Cost of International Students’ Dormitory:
• Four-bed Room: RMB3,000/person/year
• Double Room: RMB4,500/person/year
Note: Exchange students needn't apply for the on-campus dormitory, since SYSU will arrange accommodation for all exchange students.
See photos below

Off-campus housing
Exchange students, through real estate agents, can easily look for an off-campus apartment near the North and South Gate of Zhuhai Campus, where it is only 15 to 20 minutes’ walk to Teaching Building. Both single and shared furnished apartments are available for students’ choices. The rent is approximately RMB2500-3000 per month (electricity, water are excluded, which should be paid according to monthly actual consumption) for a 2-3 bedroom apartment. If it is needed, OIA will assist exchange students on looking for a comfortable apartment.
See photos below of the Hai Yin Wan Pan Residence (15 min from the North Gate) and Yi Hai Yuan Residence (2 min from the South Gate)

Hai Yin Wan Pan

Yi Hai Yuan