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Chinese Courses Introduction


 Learn Chinese in China

In IBS we understand that languages give a key advantage to students who want to perform well in the business environment. Therefore, while studying business courses, foreign students will have the chance to learn Chinese as a new foreign language and get academic credits from those courses. IBS offer languages and cultural classes, as well as business Chinese classes and HSK exam preparation class (Note: HSK is the equivalent of IELTS for Chinese Language)

Chinese Language Training Program For Foreign Students

This program is composed of compulsory and selective courses. The former includes comprehensive Chinese, communication in Chinese, and Chinese reading and writing, which aims to cultivate and enhance students’ comprehensive ability in Chinese Mandarin, including writing, reading, listening and speaking skills. The selective courses provide students with various aspects of Chinese culture. The courses will last one semester, including one cultural exploration week where students will be able to travel in China to discover the country and its culture.

Business Writing in Chinese

This course aims to providing practical writing skills for daily business communication with Chinese people, which includeswriting note and message, resume and cover letter, email, letter of thanks and apology, congratulation letter, notification and announcement, notice, advertisement, and analyzing charts and diagrams. The course will last for 17 weeks, including one week of introduction, two weeks of review.

HSK training and Tutorial

This course aims to help students prepare for the new HSK test. In the tutorial, students can not only get the answers to their questions, but also strengthen what they have managed with the exercises the mentor provides.

This course is provided only in the Spring semester, on Thursday and Friday per week. Each course is composed of 4 sessions, each lasting 20-25 minutes.


  Period1 Period2 Period3 Period4
Thursday 19:00-19:20 19:25-19:50 19:55-20:15 20:20-20:45
Friday 9:50-10:10 10:15-10:40 10:45-11:05 11:10-11:35

Location: Reading Café, the third floor above Zhuying Supermarket