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Outgoing Students

IBS not only welcome foreign students in China but it also offers many opportunities for its students to study abroad (Europe, North America, Asia, etc…). Many IBS students have shared their experience with us:


Wu Xiaoliang (吴晓亮)Exchange Program Experience
Wu Xiaoliang, a student of IBS in SYSU, gained an opportunity to further his study in Finance in Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Paris for 3 months as he has participated in the school's exchange program. (2014.1-2014.5)
Paris is a modern city with sense of luxuries and it's also a city full of historical relics and sites showing its ancient culture. Beautiful scenery,arts museums, nice sculptures and French Cuisine, combined with well-designed curriculums and abundant school activities, have made Xiaoliang greatly enjoyed his living and study in Paris. Xiaoliang said, “Each lecture course has a seminar and professors there guide students to think in their own way. I think a lot from what I've learned.” During his stay, Xiaoliang turned himself to be a cooking master while he knew nothing about cooking in China.  “If you are a thrift person, 60,000 RMB is enough to cover all the expense,”Xiaoliang said.

Liang Ziyin (梁紫茵)Exchange Program Experience
Liang Ziyin, majors in Accounting, has participated in exchange program of University of California, Berkeley, and takes a 4-month study there. (2014.1-2014.5)
America enjoys an atmosphere of freedom and inclusiveness and American people are enthusiastic and easygoing. Ziyin said, “They greet you with a warm smile when they pass. Sometimes their smiles can light up your day. ” Two thousand dollars a month can live a good life in San Francisco. Ziyin got well-involved in academic atmosphere of "study hard, play hard". She liked the experience of getting involved into in-class and after-class discussions with classmates or teaching assistants, which motivated her to make up her mind to continue her graduate study abroad.
Wu Di (巫迪) Exchange Experience
Wu Di, who majors in Accounting (ACCA), has exchanged to The University of Manchester for a semester through SYSU exchange program which is funded by China Scholarship Council, with subsidies of living fee and round-trip ticket. (2013.9-2014.1)
The main campus of the University of Manchester is located near the city center and equipped with good facilities of transportation and teaching. Professional professors and various extracurricular activities like Manchester University Music Society and volunteer work in communities have enriched Wu Di’s study and space life. Reading counts most of her time of study and made her realize the great importance of reading: teach her to learn and absorb knowledge self-independently. Besides, writing essays urge her to develop her own critical mind.” It’s a worthy, unforgettable and essential experience in my life,” Wu Di said.
Cai Lin (蔡霖) Exchange Experience
Cai Lin, who majors in Finance, had an exchange experience in University of Technology, Sydney for 5 months. (2014.2-2014.7)
In University of Technology, Sydney,public computer area and computer labs are in every building in order to meet students’ need.  Experienced lecturers and tutors gives out related examples of their working experience and economic news in processing knowledge. Cai Lin suggested that, as Englishis an important tool for communication, students should practice and exercise more in school in order to overcome the language barrier in daily life in Australia. The whole expense is about 60,000 RMB.
HouYifei ( 侯逸飞) Exchange Experience
HouYifei, an IBS student majors in Economics, participated in exchange program in Hong Kong Baptist University. (2014.1- 2014.6)
Hong Kong Baptist University decorated in orange, is consisted in three campuses: Ho Sin Hang Campus, Shaw Campus and Kai Tak Campus and advocates “Whole Person Education”.  Accounting is its hot and popular major, of which graduates are welcomed by the employment market. The tuition fee is about 9,683 HKD/ semester and a daily meal in school canteen is around 20 to 30 HKD. Yifei said, HK local students are earnest and reliable in their study and his horizon has been broadened and considered about life in different perspective as he had many opportunities to audit Traditional Chinese Medicine or choose selective courses of Faculty of Arts.

Lu Dan (卢丹) 2+2 Program  Experience
Lu Dan, who majors in Management in IBS, chose to have a 2-year study in Lancaster University through IBS 2+2 program. (2014.9-2016.6)
Lancaster University is located in Lancashire, surrounded by grassland with cows and goats running around. High demand of study gives students pressure but enriches their daily life. Lu Dan wrote in her report that, what she obtained, learned and experienced a lot in Lancashire had cleared away her doubts and hesitation that whether she should leave China, and made all her efforts worthy. “You need to think carefully before you make your decision for the fee is not low and you’d better take every aspects into consideration.” Lu Dan said.

Tang Jinwei (唐锦为) 2+2 Exchange Program
Tang Jinwei, whose major is Economics, is taking a 2+2 program in University of Victoria.(2014.8- 2016.12)
University of Victoria is equipped with complete facilities which provide students great convenience in holding activities. Professors are knowledgeable and academic atmosphere is great.  Jinwei said, it’s inevitable for students to experience cultural shock when they arrived but they would get used to it as soon as time moved on. The estimated expense is about 200,000 or 300,000 RMB a year. English mastering is important as Canada is anEnglish-speaking country.