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Career Development Center (IBS CDC)

The Career Development Center aims at instructing students to plan for their career development. It’s made up by the Domestic Market Development Department, the International Development Department, as well as the Employment Service and Management Department, all of which are operated by professionals.
Domestic Market Development Department
- Responsible for contacting local company and maintaining a professional network;
- Instructing students for their personal development as career advisors;
- Managed by Jiang Jiao, MBA graduate of SYSU Lingnan College. She had worked for different companies and colleges and has published a book named “To Challenge the Interviewers of the World’s Top 500”. Student can benefit from her extensive experience.
International Development Department
- Responsible for offering mentoring and consulting services for international exchange program and further-study overseas;
- Managed by Wang Min, Master degree graduate from Columbia University and bachelor degree of Lingnan College, SYSU. She owns rich experience in mentoring students for their career development.
Employment Service and Management Department
- Responsible for students’ academic and administration matters;
Communicating with parents and other departments;
- Helping students develop their talents and plan for their career development;
- Led by four school experiences counselors of IBS.
IBS attaches great importance to students’ career development. It has a range of initiatives to help students to make plan for their future career throughout their study, so student can:
- Make informed choices when selecting schools, courses and post-school opportunities;
- Connect education and training pathways with career choices and employment prospects;
- Access the broad range of social practices and specialist supports available to them.
Resources available to help with career planning include:
- Practice base and internship opportunities: the school has signed agreements with over 30 famous domestic companies to establish the practice base, such as Bank of Communications, Everbright Securities, Baidu, and etc. The school also cooperated with well-known financial institutions and companies, offering internship opportunities for students and organizing activities such as company visit and seminars.
- Career advising and consulting: Students can always get employment information from their career advisors and consult in school. On the other hand, the school keeps on broadening the social resources and invites entrepreneurs and social respected figures to mentor students for their career development outside school.
- Diversified school activities: The school organizes outreach training camp in the first semester to cultivate students’ team spirit and communication ability. It also offers lectures about interview techniques, job choices and so on. Besides, it organizes recreational activities to enrich students’ extracurricular life.

As a result, the employment rate of IBS keeps ranking top in SYSU. According to the statistics of graduate employment instruction center, the initial employment rate of the first batch undergraduate of IBS in 2010 ranked first in the university. In July 2011, this data remained first. In 2012 and 2013, the initial employment rate of IBS undergraduates ranked second, with high employment quality and many majors’ employment rate reaching 100%.
The Employment Rate of IBS
Year Undergraduate (%) Graduate (%)
2010 97.62 97.96
2011 98.23 99.65
2012 98.93 98.00
2013 98.59 100