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Regional Economic Research Center

The “Key Social Science Research Base of Zhuhai” was founded in 2006 by the Regional Economic Research Center of Sun Yat-sen University. Its research areas and publishing contents contain:

• the monitoring and forecasting of city and regional economy,

• the analysis and research of city and regional industrial structure and competitiveness,
• the comparative analysis of cities in the same tier.

The director of the center, Prof SHU YUAN, occupy many influential positions such as member of the Economics Teaching Steering Committee in Ministry of Education, special researcher at the Development Research Center of Guangdong Provincial Government, decision consulting expert of Guangzhou Municipal People's government, director of the Chinese Association of Foreign Economics, vice president of China Society of World Economics, and vice president of Guangdong Economic Association. In addition, the director of the center has also published dozens of articles in first-tier domestic academic journals such as Economic Research Journal, Management World, China Economic Quarterly, The Journal of World Economy, Journal of Financial Research, Systems Engineering-theory & Practice, and The Journal of Quantitative & Technical Economics.

In recent years, the center has obtained research grants for several research projects, for example:
• The scientific research project of Guangdong Provincial Key Research Base of Humanities and Social Science in Colleges and Universities (03JDXM79002),
• The key planning project in Guangdong Provincial 9th Five-Year Plan for Social Science (9705006),
• The planning project in the State Education Commission 9th Five-Year Plan for Social Science (96JAQ790015),
• Project of National Natural Science Foundation (70573125 & 79790130).

Following the 11th Five-Year Chinese Governance Plan, the aims and tasks of the center are:
1. Cooperating with Zhuhai municipal government and studying via IT software the monitoring forecasting model of Zhuhai macro-economy;
2. Offering reports on Zhuhai industrial structure analysis and industry competitive analysis, analyzing the industrial structure, efficiency, comparative advantage, industrial layout, industrial competitiveness, leading industry and pillar industry;
3. Offering reports on comparative analysis of cities in the same tier as Zhuhai, giving policy suggestion by horizontal comparison from the economy, society and environment, helping to enhance economic and social development of Zhuhai, and improving the process of economic and scientific decision.